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My name is Peter Turner and I am a full-time affiliate marketer specializing in selling digital products, that is, products which are instantly accessible via the internet.

Over the years I have collected tens of thousands of email leads and tried to help as many people as I could to duplicate my business model. However, it’s difficult because there’s a lot of misinformation in the affiliate marketing industry.

This is why I created The Digital Affiliate System.

My first and main objective for the site is to give people an accurate understanding of the business model that nearly every successful affiliate marketer uses, especially those who promote digital products.

This is not a push button / get rich quick system because there’s no such thing, whatever else you may have heard. However, it is the system used by almost everyone who makes money online by selling digital products as an affiliate, without any of the hype, because it’s listening to the hype that prevents people from achieving the success they deserve, or at least stops them from becoming successful quickly

The other purpose of The Digital Affiliate System is to show you the tools you need to put it to work effectively, so that you can achieve your business goals as soon as possible.